fan, fanatic, fanatical
Fanatic is common as a noun meaning ‘a person having excessive or misguided enthusiasm for something’; as an adjective it has largely given way to fanatical:

• He was a fanatical worker, often doing thirteen or fourteen hours a day —A. Thwaite, 1984.

The abbreviated form fan, meaning ‘a keen supporter’, occurs in an isolated use in AmE as early as 1682, though not again until the late 19c when it became part of the ritual language of baseball, and then passed into general use in AmE, BrE, and elsewhere in the 20c in the senses ‘a supporter, an admirer’ (of a person or thing). Fan mail is first recorded in 1924, fan letter in 1932, and fan club in 1941, and other combinations are in use, including fanzine (= fan magazine), first recorded in 1951.

Modern English usage. 2014.

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